How I got fucked in a gay sauna Part II

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
How I got fucked in a gay sauna Part II

After my last venture to the /gay/gay-sauna/">gay sauna, I couldn't help going back!

Last time I got fucked in the steam room while sucking on a strangers cock. I had a load splashed on my face and got my dick sucked and exploded in a guys mouth.

This time I was still getting a lot of attention in the change room, this time I decided to go for a wonder around and see what else was happening. This time I went on a friday straight after work, it was really busy this time. I went upstairs from the change room, there is a room on the left that has nothing but a big bed in the middle. It has a light trap at the door of the room, which made it pitch black. But i'll get to that.

I decided to go for a look in some of the other rooms. I went into the second room on the left hand side, it was a room that had a small hall way that went in a square, linking back up to itself. The hallway had small rooms around it with lockable doors. Designed for people to go into and have some fun! I went off to the next main room, it is a maze, really skinny walk ways that have smaller rooms off of it. there is a series of connected glory hole booths. But i gave this room a miss after a quick look.

I went back to the first room that I saw. My ass had a craving for cock and thats exactly what it was going to get! I went into the pitch black room and sat down on the bed in the middle. The bed was raised off of the ground by about a meter, when i say "bed", it was really a mattress covered in a thick plastic. I positioned myself with my /feet/">feet on the floor and stomach flat on the bed, positioning my ass for everyone to touch on there way around the room.

It didn't take long for anyone to come into the room, because no one can see what's going on in the room, the first contact anyone had with me was touching my bare ass. It was a clear indicator of what i wanted. The first guy lightly smoothed his had over my ass and went straight into rubbing his finger over my /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. He turned around and got some lube from the dispenser on the wall. He then started to push his finger into my ass, he started by pushing one finger into my hole slowly then pulled it out, repeated this a few times, until my ass was starting to relax.

He put some more lube on and started to push a second finger in. I was really enjoying it, my 6.5 inch un cut cock had gone rock hard. I was basically begging for him to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard. He pulled his finger out and then came over to position him self
in behind me with his cock onto my ass, he lent over me and whispered into my ear "are you ready to have your tight little hole stretched even more". I just nodded my head, but forgot that he couldn't see me. I guess he wasn't even going to let me say no.. But thats ok, because its exactly what i wanted. He put the head of his member onto my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole, i didn't really think this through to much because i couldn't exactly see how big his cock was.

At this stage there was about 5 or 6 other people in the room, all hooking up and the sound of sex was in the air. Guys moaning, while the sound of asses being pounding and skin slapping on skin. I was about to join them, this guy behind me must have had an 8 or 9 inch cock and thick, because when he started to push his cock into my tight little ass, it fucking hurt. I yelped out a loud! He stopped once the head of his cock was in my ass, and let me relax again, but then he proceeded to fill my ass with every possible inch of his big monster. Once he filled me up he started to pull back and then started to pick up the pace. Someone got up onto the bed in front of me and started to wank his cock in front of me, I opened up my mouth and obliged by taking his cock in my mouth and sucked like a little /whore/">whore, it only muffled my moaning from the monster cock that was pounding away at my milf porn videos backside. The guy behind me really started to hammer my ass, and started to slap my ass cheeks with his open hand. It was so intense, but i was loving having the attention. I kept going on the cock in front of me and sucked for all i was worth.

The guy behind me stopped for a minute and got me to get on my hands and knees on the bed to make it easier for me to suck on the cock in front of me, he was now pounding my ass on his knees. He must of been getting close because i could hear him starting to let off little moans. His pace picked up and after a few quick hard slams he then stopped. He pulled out, but he kept playing with my ass afterwards. I was still enjoying myself so i continued to suck on this average sized 6 inch cock in front of me. My cock was standing up, hard as hard can be, but the guy who just used my ass to get him self off didnt seem to want to return the favour!

I then felt someone position themselves behind me again, A cock starting to push its way into my ass, it wasn't as big as the first guy! I was about to get fucked again... by another stranger. I thought the first guy was still playing with my ass after fucking me, but clearly it wasn't him, it was someone else waiting for their turn.

This next guy's cock seemed small compared to the first guy, but he sure knew how to fuck, he didn't mess around with slow pumping, but why would he? i was already broken in. He pumped away as hard as he could, this guy wasn't going to last long. He was nice enough to reach around and starting playing with my cock. The guy in front of me was still getting his cock sucked, and i knew he was close, he had pre cum oozing out of his tip and onto my tongue, i stopped sucking on it, because I didn't want to swallow his load. He started wanking his cock furiously and the bastard didn't give me any warning of what he was planning on doing, he unleashed his load straight onto my face. It blowjob porn videos came as a shock because it was so dark, i didn't even know what he was doing.

The guy that was now fucking my ass was pounding away as hard has he could, I started to get close, and while he was wanking me and fucking my ass, I let off a big moan and let my load go onto the bed. He must have felt my ass cramp up because he gave a few hard belts into my hole and unleashed his load. He clearly wasn't wearing a condom like the first guy, because my i felt my ass get all hot and wet from his load. He pulled out and that was that, I never saw any of them again. I wrapped my towel around me and went back down stairs and had a shower. On my way down i could feel the cum dripping out of my ass and down my leg. I felt like a true little slut today.