He Do Anything For Me

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
He Do Anything For Me

Now let me start by introducing myself. My name is James. I'm 6"0, black with muscles and an eight pack. I was captain of my football team in high school and captain of my /college/">college football team (which im currently attending). This story is about my friend that would do anything I mean annnnnything for me. His name is Sam.

Sam bokep sma pecah perawan and me have been friends since first grade we grew up in a tough neighborhood. His parents were constantly fighting all the time he'd come to school with bruises everywhere on his body and it didn't help that the kids were picking on him too. One day he was getting bullied ( he was so quiet so he never stuck up for himself) I stepped in and beat them up (course i got punched a little too) and ever since then we been cool just like bros.

In high school he followed me around everywhere, but i didn't mind it was kinda /cute/">cute actually. He always got me things all i had to do was say I wanted something and he would run and get it. My friends noticed that and said "Hey James I bet if you asked Sam to suck your cock he would do it with no hesitation." they all laughed, but the thought of Sam having my dick in his mouth turned me on more than it should have.

Shaking that feeling i said "Come on guys lay off my friend he's like a bro to me and vice versa nothing serious." They laughed and said "Yeah, whatever you say bro." and we all went to class.

At the end of our senior year i started to notice things about sam that i didn't notice before. He was on the swim team which gave him that swimmer's body, but he had a little more muscle than the average swimmer. His hair was in the in the middle of his back which he always kept braided and in front of him.

His eyes were almost silver if you didn't look closely you'd think he was blind. He was a little shorter than me (5"10) and had the perfect tan skin that a girl would die for and a little bubble butt that looked so damn slapable. I got a hard on just looking at him he must've noticed because he said "what's wrong James?" I blushed a little and replied "Nothing old waman xxxgx man I'm just excited about /graduation/">graduation tomorrow." "Oh, me too," he said.

We went back to the house and decided to watch a movie so we popped one in and ordered a pizza. We were alone my parents had gone out somewhere and we were half way through the movie when what my friends said popped into my head. I decided to test it out. "Hey Sam go get me a soda." "Ok," he said.

He brought me the soda and sat back on the couch next to me. I started laughing and he asked "why are you laughing?" I said, "Because, my friends told me if I told you to suck my dick that you would do it with no hesitation." He said "They're right, I would suck your dick if you told me to." Not believing him I said, "Oh really then as your /master/">master suck my dick then. "and he pulled my dick from my pants and put it in his mouth.

At first i was to shock to even understand what was going on then once the shock wore off the feeling of his /sweet/">sweet mouth on my dick was overwhelming and I started to moan. I started calling him my /dirty/dirty-slut/">dirty slut and told him to suck that dick. I pushed his head down and started to face fuck him making him gag and deep throat me.

After about 7 minutes of face fucking him I was ready to blow. I asked him if he was ready for my load he must have mumbled yes master, but i couldn't hear him instead I cummed all in his mouth and told him to swallow. He swallowed almost ever drop, but some dropped out and I told him to lick it clean. After that we heard my parents drive up and walk in the door we helped with the groceries and ran upstairs to my room and slept.

Knowing we both got into the same college he knew I wasn't done with him yet and he couldn't wait.