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I am sitting at my desk as you walk by first thing in the morning. You reach out and grasp me firmly by the hair and pull my head back, placing your lips on mine. Your touch sending electric sexual pulses through my body. You lean in and tell me that you want me NOW.

You firmly grip my arms and lead me into the bedroom, as you take and rip my clothes from me. You head drops as you take my nipple into your mouth. As I moan out and I grip your head, as run my nails down your back. You take and place your hands between my thighs and let your finger probe into my wetness. You tell me how warm and moist I am, as you take your finger out you place it to my lips and gently press it in. Taste nice doesnt, I reply, "yes."

You take and pick up my body, lay me back, not on the bed, but on the stairs, thrusting my legs apart and placing your mouth over my wanting moistened pussy. Slowly you let your tongue slide in and begin its assault on my throbbing swollen clit. I arch my back and begin to moan, as my legs tighten around your head. You take and push a finger inside of me as your tongue flicks quickly across my clit. You tell me that you know I am not going to try and release without your permission. I let out a low whimper as I respond no /master/">master. You keep your mouth firmly pressed against my womanhood, as you take and let your hands reach and firmly grasp my breast. I let out low whimpers, almost in a beggin manor. You tell me that you believe I have waited long enough and tell me that I have your consent to release.

My body begins to thrash about and I take your hair in my hands and hold tightly, letting my screams of pleasure out. Call out over and over, as wave after wave takes over my body. As my body regains it composer and I start to come back to /reality/">reality, you tell me that I was right, I did taste amazing.

You tell me now it is my turn you please you and I best make sure that I do no less than you you know to be my best. I position myself between your legs, you hands roughly gasping my hair, as I take and begin to let my tongue flick across the tip of your cock, Tasting the precum and licking it all off, as I make alain lyle porn my way a little further down your shaft. My hands begin to wander about as I place one on your erect nipple and the other underneath your balls, both hands caressing sensitive parts of your body. My mouth works it way to the bottom of your shaft and I feel your member begin to swell more. I move my hands and firmly gasp your ass, as you take and thrust your cock further and further into my mouth. 

You hands now firmly gasping my hair and you hold my head in place while your passions build. I take one hand and begin to caress my nails down the crack of your ass and back up the underside of your balls, making a slow trail back and forth, sometimes lingering to massage your balls. Your thrust becoming more fierce, while you balls begin to tighten, I ready myself as you take and grasp my head back and begin to pump you /erection/">erection yourself . Harder and faster you pump releasing like an explosion. You moan and groan out, your eyes roll back into your head. You release your cum all over and about my breast and face. Then telling me to make sure I clean myself well and not missed a drop. You release me telling me that was a job well done.

I am told to position myself on all fours in front of you. You stroke your cock to regain your stiffness. Running your hand up and down my cunt, rubbing my juices all over my indian santali xvideo my outter lips. You take and immedentily start thrusting, grasping my hips and pounding your throbbing cock into my waiting cunt over and over. Your balls slapping again and again into my swollen clit. You reach and grasp one of my breast squeezing it. I scream out from the sheer pleasure. Our moans filling the room. I thrust and grind myself against you. Our pleasure building to that awaited /climax/">climax and release. You take me by the hair pulling my head back. You cock begin to swell as the muscles in my cunt massage it and begin to clench down.You reach and slap my /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard telling me if I knew what was best that I would wait for your release, and if you seen fit that you let me have pleasure as well. I arch my back, and I begin to quiver and shake. Holding back my passions as best as I can, while your throbbing cock plunges deeply into my swollen cunt. Your massive cock not begin able to take any more you erupt and fill my cunt with you juice, as your pelvis is slamming into me. Youre grasping my ass keeping my body in control as your thrusting continues you tell me to release NOW. All at once the orgasm hits me almost convulsing my body. Our bodies settle and we begin calm down. We lay on the bed in each other arms. You tell me that you are pleased with me, and that I have done a good job. That you wil let me lay with you for now as we start to drift off into a blissful sleep.