Awesome night at Erins

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Awesome night at Erins

 It was a cold winter day in Illinois. I was giving Erin and Haley a ride to Erins house after a basketball game earlier that day. Haley is 52, big tits for her size and the most amazing ass. Erin is 57 36B tits and a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass, second only to Haleys. We arrived at Erins house and she offered me a cup of hot coccoa for the ride. I agreed and headed inside not nowing what else she would offer.

We all went inside and sat down in her living room. Erin headed to the kitchen and started making the hot chocolate. She called Haley in and i watcher her ass as she made her way to the kitchen. I heard them wispering and then they both came back into the living room.

Erin said, "Im all out of hot coccoa."
"Man your house is cold this time of year Erin, its making my nipples hard!" Haley replied.
"Mine too," Erin giggled, "heat rises to we should head up to my room."
"Ok" Haley and I replied.

We headed up to Erins room. Ive been here once or twice before both times to fuck Erin (its a secret). We got up to her room and we were all sitting on her bed.

"So Quinton I hear you really have some talent with your fingers" Haley implied.

"Who told you that?" I asked. Erin started to giggle.

"I dont know if Im up to it, you go first so I can see what your talking about, Ok Erin?" Haley asked.

"HELL YES Ill go first" exclaimed erin.

She moved over and started to make out with me. Not to long after she was naked laying on her bed. Haley was stripped too. Damn she was fine.

"How wet are you?" I asked Erin.

"Not wet enough, would you eat me for a little bit?" she begged.

"Alright" I chidded.

She lay back xxx and spread her legs revealing that familiar tight shaved cunt of her. My god is she delicious. I started to work my way up her thighs slowly teasing her with my fingertips. Out of the corner of my eye i say Haley with her hand inbetween her legs moaning.

"Hold on Haley." Erin said, "I want to taste you."

"What?" Haley was in shock.

"You heard me come over and sit on my face to i can eat you"

Haley slowly moved over onto her face and moaned with delight as Erin dove right in to her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy.

Pretty soon Erin was moaning and squiming.

"Ok Im definately ready now!" she yelled. "Do it"

I stopped sucking on her clit and stuck three fingers in her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. At the same time i pushed down in between her belly button and her trimmed bush.


A few seconds later her moaned into Haleys dripping cunt as she squirted all over my hand and face. I liked it all up.

"Oh My God," she said "That was the best one yet"

"Holy shit," Haley said, "That was amazing"

"wow" Erin says comming down from her high, "you have to try it Haley its the most incredible thing ever."

"I dont know if Im ready yet though."
"Dont be a pussy" Erin kidded.

"Ok, its now or never"

Erin got up and Haley took her place.

"How wet are you Haley" I asked

"Well thanks to Erin and her amazing tongue im almost dripping!"

Ok im going to just do it right now then. I pushed down and her bush and stuck only two fingers in. Man she is tight! It only took a few seconds.

"OH MY GOD" she yells as she squirts even more then Erin.

Shes shaking in the aftermath of the most incredible orgasm shes ever had.

"Youre right Erin, he is talented."

"Told you!"

"Ok now its time to repay you" Haley says."Pick one position and Ill let you fuck me since that was so amazing."

"Cowgirl, hands down" I say

"Alright then"

I strip and lay back. My 8" cock is rock hard. She grabs my cock and starts to suck it.

"Got to lube it a little" She smiles

She lowers herself on slowly. Man she is the tightest pussy ive ever had.

"Ive never felt so full" she moans

She starts to bounce up and down on my dick.

After a few minutes she moans loudly,

"When your gonna cum tell me, I want it all in my mouth."

While all of this is going on I hear Erin moaning over to the left. She is fucking herself with a /vibrator/">vibrator.

"Wait Erin dont cum yet, I want to help" I tell her
"No I will do it" Haley tells me.

"Ok dont fight over me" Erin yells at us.

"Im gonna cum Haley" I tell her

She almost jumps off my rod and goes all the way down and my stiffi.


I shoot it all into her mouth and she takes it all. She shows me and then swallows nearly all of it. She moves forward and gives me some of my own cum back. The most erotic thing ive ever done.

"Dont forget about me!" Erin says, still rubbing her clit slowly

"I could never forget you" Haley tells her as she moves in between her legs.

Haley is on her knees eating out Erin and I move under her to get at her /sweet/">sweet little snatch. Man she tastes sweet.

"IM GONNA CUM" Erin yells. "ME TOO" Haley moans into her cunt. They both cum at the same time and we all colapse.

"Well Im not cold anymore" Haley laughs. "Me either" says Erin.

"That was porn videos download fun. Well have to do it again" Haley says

"Alright by me," I say, "call me if you ever need a ride again"

We all laugh.