Barb Bud

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Barb Bud

Know more teasing now, I would make her scream when she climaxed on my face as my tongue lapped and lapped her pussy over and over! I moved my lips and tongue licked over Barbs stomach and to the very edge of her small bikini panties. My tongue touched her hip at the point where the bones in her thighs meet at her pussy. I made her jump when my fingers touched her cunt directly. I moved my lips across her lower tummy, over her cunt hair licking as I went to the other side. I took my hands and slowly opened her thighs wider. She spread her legs willingly as I kissed down her right thigh so close to her pussy lips I brushed my face against them. She moaned "Oh Yes! Oh yes baby! Lick my pussy!" I then licked back up to her panty line. I bent her legs pushing down on her thighs as I kissed under the panty line. Licking and sucking her softest part of her thigh at the edge of her cunt lip, she moaned again just before I put my tongue all the way under her left leg opening of her panties. She sighed, saying: "Oh Bud! That feels so good! Lick me baby! Lick my pussy!" My tongue was just touching the beginning of her pussys mount. I flicked the tip of it over her wet hole. 

Her cunt hair was tickling my face as it stuck out of her panties. My fingers slowly slid under the leg opening and as I hooked a finger in the leg pulling it open further! I then placed my tongue directly on her pussy and licked up and down as fast as I could go! She arched her lower body high up and began to pump that /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass as she began to fuck my mouth. Her hands came down and held my head on her pussy as she pumped against my lips! She was in heaven and going wild on my mouth! The more I licked the more she moaned! I licked again and she moaned again! And again, and again and again! She cried out: "Yes! Oh yes eat it! Eat my pussy baby! Oh god yes! Lick!! Lick !! Lick it! Oh yesss! I need it so bad! Oh yes Bud! Fuck yes!! Im going to cum!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" She began holding my head tighter with her hands and pumping her cunt up into my face. I slowly licked her pussy with my tongue using my fingers to open her swollen cunt lips. 

My tongue went inside her hole and she cried out in passion! When I started to flick it in and out of her hole, she slammed her cunt into my mouth again and began to fuck my face fast and hard!! With her knees bent and legs wide open now, her pussy looked nice and fat, and very wet and very puffy! Her dark shin was wet and shinning up at me as I looked at her pussy only inches away from my mouth! I inhaled her pussy musk and moaned myself! I could tell she was really enjoying this as her hips rotated her lower body in small circles letting me lick all of her pussy outside and insides of her cunt. As I licked her, my hands and fingers held her pussy open wider. I could see all of her young, wet pink insides around that black /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole right there in front of my face! God it looked so good. My cock jumped with excitement as she pulled my face back down between her thighs and climaxed!!!! When she was finished, I licked back up her body as I put a finger into her hole and began to finger fuck her very slowly. Immediately, her body began to fuck me back. I watched as her pussy fucked on my finger. I put two of them into her. 

She thrust her pussy up and grind her hips and pumped her /ass/ass-fucking/">ass fucking on them! I got to her mouth and she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth and I sucked hard on it! I licked her neck and up to her ear and whispered: "I want to take your panties off baby! Let me take your panties!! Oh god baby let me do you right tonight! Oh baby! Let me do you right. I want nothing to interfere with my mouth on your sexxxx video ful hd pussy! The door is lock and no one will interrupt us. Its just you and me baby! Let me lick you into a huge hard climax! Youll never feel so good! I promise1" She moaned out a very low and soft: Yes! Oh god Bud!! Lick my pussy I want to cum again so fucking bad!" I moved back down and slowly pulled her bikini panties off her body. I lifted each leg and pull her panties off. I took my time looking at every inch of this beautiful black woman in front of me. I ran my hands over her inner thighs, all of her cunt and ass touching every fucking part of her! I took my time making her wait and making her even more ready willing and so wet for what I had planned. 

Part 6

My tongue licked down her leg again and it went straight into her pussy! Then I backed off and lifted her other leg doing the same thing. She moaned each time that my mouth covered her beautiful pussy! xxx sex video download free com As I dropped her panties on the floor, I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth and began to eat her pussy giving her one thrill after the other. Her body began to shake and she cried out making animal sounds now as my fingers pumped in and out of her hole and my tongue licked all around and over her clit! Her clit was at least an inch long and hard as my cock. 

Her body began to thump as she started to orgasm! I sucked and flicked my tongue in and around her pink clit as my fingers continued to pump inside her actual cunt hole! She cried out again going into another orgasm right behind her first! Then she screamed as her ass lifted up off the bed and hammered my face fucking it hard and fast! I put my hands under her ass and held it up so her pussy was lifted right in front of me. As I licked and she fucked on my face, I could only imagine how it would feel to my cock if it was in her /fucking/pussy-fucking/">pussy fucking her! Her body was going wild! Her lower body was pumped my face fucking it as her hands held my head tight against her cunt as I licked. I pulled her cunt lips open wider yet with my thumbs! As wide as I could w/o hurting her! I went in and licked her pussy faster and much harder now making my tongue as flat as I could get it so it could touch as much of her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy hole as possible. AS my tongue pushed and lapped her juices, she cried out louder as her ass lifted higher yet off the bed. Her hips pumped and humped against my mouth and fingers! Now I knew it was the time to touch her clit and work directly on it. 

Faster and just a little harder now, I pulled her pussy open at the top of her slit and her hard long clit popped straight out for me! I moaned as I took it in my mouth and immediately began flicking my tongue over it as fast as I could make it go. I held her ass up making her hole easier for my mouth! She screamed as I sucked gently on her clit. When I did, she exploded and her cum ran out her cunt all over my face as her third climax hit her hard! It was much harder than the first two together. 

She humped and hump and hump her pussy against my face. Her hands pushed my face so hard into her snatch I had trouble getting air! But my hands stayed under her ass and held her body up high so I could eat that pussy even better. With her head and shoulders now the only ting on the bed, her pussy was way up in the air fucking my mouth as I lick and licked and licked it! I couldnt get enough! God, I couldnt stop! God I needed it, I wanted it and I was going to have it tonight!